Stay Informed About Parvovirus

Due to a recent spike in Parvovirus cases across Queensland & Northern NSW, Vet’s across Australia are urging all dog owners to have their pets vaccinated as soon as possible. The potentially fatal disease is known to have cause 40 cases in the first half of 2020, compared to a total of only 58 cases in all of 2019. So, what is Parvovirus and can it be prevented?

What is Parovirus?

Known to affect unvaccinated Puppies & Dogs, Parvovirus is a highly contagious disease of the stomach and small intestines with symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Attacking the lining of the intestines and the bone marrow, hindering your pup’s ability to produce white blood cells to fight off infections. It can resist routine infections and weather changes which makes the spread harder to control. What’s worse is it can be transferred easily to your dog through direct contact with an infected animal or indirectly via contaminated items such as people’s shoes, bedding and faeces.

Can it be prevented?

The good news is that Parvovirus is a preventable disease. Taking extra care when going on walks or to your local dog park and vaccinate your pup against the virus to be sure your dog is protected. If in doubt, be sure to check your vaccination records or check with your Vet who should have medical history for your pet. If you suspect your dog may have it or are unsure, contact your Vet immediately.


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