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You can view our frequently asked questions below where we try to cut through some of the issues you may face and explain your rights and responsibilities as a Pet Owner or a Vet/Implanter in Australia. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ'S

Where can I download your forms?
We have moved away from traditional paper forms for New Registrations and Changes of Ownership. To learn more and start the process, follow the links below.
Where can I read your Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions?

All links to our Policies and Terms & Conditions can be found in the footer, at the bottom of any page on our website. You can also click on the links provided here to access specific documents.

Pet Owner FAQ'S

Why register with Global Micro Animal Registry?

Global Micro Animal Registry’s main focus is ensuring a speedy reunion between pet owners and their lost companions. As a member, you’ll have round-the-clock access to update your pet’s information, guaranteeing their welfare. Opt for our Gold Membership to instantly alert local professionals and our spotters about your missing pet. You will also receive a Welcome Pack filled with goodies and tips on how to maximise your search efforts.

Why do I need to Microchip and Register my pet?

Microchipping your pet is essential for quick recovery if they go missing. In many Australian states, cats, dogs (excluding some working farm dogs), and horses must be microchipped with an ISO-approved PPID (Prescribed Permanent Identification Device) for life, with some councils requiring additional registration post-microchipping. Contact your local council to confirm these requirements in your area.

I've purchased or received an animal, what do I do next?
It’s crucial to understand that the current registered owner (the pet’s previous owner in our system) is accountable for transferring the ownership details of your new pet to your name. We suggest initially reaching out to the breeder or the previous owner to request this change. If they are unresponsive or uncertain about the procedure, you can visit our Change Ownership page for a comprehensive guide on how to proceed.
I've sold or given my animal to someone else, what do I do?

If you’ve transferred ownership of your pet to someone else, it’s your responsibility as the current owner to update the ownership details. You can easily do this by logging into our website and visiting the My Pets page, where you can initiate a Change of Ownership to the new owner’s name for the chosen pet. This online process involves entering the necessary information and making a one-time payment for the transfer fee, instantly transferring the pet to the new owner and notifying them of their newly registered pet.

How do I update my pet’s details?

You can easily do this by logging into our website and navigating to the My Pets page. From here, click the microchip number for pet on the provided list which will display an option to update their details. The My Pets page is also where you can complete a Change of Ownership in to someone else’s name, if required.

How do I update my details?
You can update your details by logging into your account and selecting My Details. If you need to update your name due to a spelling mistake or legal change, please email supporting documentation to us at contact@globalmicro.com.au.


How do I apply for a Vet/Implanter account?

You can apply for a Global Micro login by clicking on the Create Account button at the top of any page on our website or by clicking on the following link:


For emergency recovery, please call us at 02 8338 9063 after submitting your account application. For general inquiries, you can email us at contact@globalmicro.com.au or call us during business hours.

I can't access my account, what do I do?

First, double-check your Access ID, noting that the second character is typically a numeric 0, not the letter O. If your Access ID is correct, try resetting your password by clicking the “Reset Password” link at the bottom of the Login screen.

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Emergency Recoveries

Available 24/7 by Logging In or Calling us on 02 8338 9063.  

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