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Not sure if your pet is registered with us here at Global Micro? Simply click on the “Search your pet’s Microchip here” button below to find out. If you find that your pet is not registered with us, this search feature will provide additional instructions on what you can do next.

If your pet isn’t registered on any Nationally recognised database, you can register your pet instantly with Global Micro by Clicking Here.

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Register Your Pet

If you’re a new Pet Parent or have moved interstate and need to register your pet on a  National Database, registering with us will give you access to a range of extra benefits.

Time for an Upgrade?

Upgrading your pets registration to their very own Global Micro Gold Membership will greatly improve your furry friend’s chance of recovery should they go missing.

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Need Some Help?

First time visiting us here at Global Micro and a little unsure of what to do? Visit our Contact Us Page for answers to Frequently Asked Questions or ways to get in touch.

Global Micro Gold Membership

Global Micro Gold Membership

Have you thought about upgrading your pets registration to their very own Global Gold Membership and greatly improving your furry friend’s chance of recovery should they ever go missing? With a click of a button, you can activate a missing pet alert from your mobile, desktop or other device to your local Vets, Pounds, Councils and Spotters Network within minutes.

The grief, fear and worry when our pets go missing is like losing a family member, and while we can’t prevent them from getting lost, have some peace of mind knowing that Global Micro will improve the chances of finding your pet faster.

Found a lost pet ?

If you have you found a lost pet with a Global Micro QR Coded Tag attached to it’s collar, enter in the unique 5 digit code in the field below and hit submit.