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Global Micro was established in response to the pressing need for innovation in the animal identification industry.

As pioneers in national registries, we were the first to introduce convenient online registration and change of ownership services and have since continued to lead the way. Our unwavering commitment to simplifying and improving our services for pet owners and business partners alike drives our cause.

We are passionate about our vision and are always seeking new and innovative ways to achieve it.

Our Services

Pet Registrations

New Pet Registrations are available on this site whether your New to Global Micro or already an Existing Owner with us.

Change of Ownership

If you have just sold or given a pet to someone, you can complete your Change of Ownership Online.

Change of Details

Existing Owners can Login to their account and update their Phone, Email and Address with us anytime of the day or night.

NationWide Alert System

Our Gold Members have access to incredible features, like the ability to send out alerts when their pets go missing.

National Spotters Network

Become part of our Nation Wide Spotters Network, determined to helping other Pet Parents find their lost loved ones.

24/7 Emergency Recoveries

Available when you need us, all year round. Vet’s can complete recoveries Online or by giving us a call.

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