Our Story

From humble beginnings, Global Micro Animal Registry opened our doors in October of 2013 and in that time have become the microchip registry of choice for many Vets, Implanters, Breeders, Rescues and Councils throughout Australia.

With decades of combined industry experience, we are determined to making things simple. Providing our pet parents with online facilities to update details and complete Changes of Ownership and our business partners with Online Registations and Recovery facilities allows for complete 24/7 access to the tools they need. Our service is underscored by a commitment of honesty and integrity to our customers and suppliers.

We are a national database licensed to operate in all states across Australia. In addition, we are also licensed by the Department of Agriculture in Western Australia for equine registrations.

Our Database has been configured to accept any ISO 10/15-digit microchips and can accept all animal’s worldwide. Furthermore, Global Micro Animal Registry is a member and part owner of PetAddress, a consolidated search portal available to the public which is subscribed to by only authorised microchip registries.

Going Green Initiative

Being environmentally concious is not a choice for us, from the outset, we here at Global Micro have believed that, through the use of modern technology, even we can contribute towards creating a better and brighter future.

Online Services

By phasing out traditional paper forms and antiquated systems, we are always looking in to converting all aspects of our services to be available Online and, so far, we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 50%.

Manual Services

Some of our Services

Pet Registrations

New Pet Registrations are available on this site whether your New to Global Micro or already an Existing Owner with us.

Changes of Ownership

If you’re just sold or given a pet to someone, you can complete your Change of Ownership Online.

Change of Details

Existing Owners can Login to their account and update their Phone, Email and Address with us anytime of the day or night.

NationWide Alert System

Our Global Gold Members have access to incredible features, like the ability to send out alerts when their pets go missing.

National Spotters Network

Become part of our Nation Wide Spotters Network, determined to helping other Pet Parents find their lost loved ones.

24/7 Emergency Recoveries

Available when you need us, all year round. Vet’s can complete recoveries Online or by giving us a call.

Some of our Services