Cleaning Tips for Pet Parents

It’s may come as no surprise that our furry friends tend to be a little bit messy. As a Pet Parent it can be difficult to keep up with the constant tug-o-war that is keeping a home clean and tidy with one or two or more pet’s claiming their territory. In today’s post, we wanted to try and provide some friendly tips and tricks to help.

Pet Fur:

While some unique breeds of Cats and Dogs out there do away with the issue of pet fur altogether, for the rest of us, it takes a little time and effort.

Grooming is key. Regular outdoor brushing sessions help maintain a healthy coat for your pet and remove any unwanted matting in their fur. This also promotes better hygiene in general and allows your pet to be checked for fleas, ticks and other possible skin conditions.

Another handy tip is to throw an old sheet on to your pet’s favourite indoor place to sleep to collect fur and allow easier disposal. For any fur that may end up somewhere a little more unwanted, there are even products like pet fur rollers and vacuum cleaners (rated specifically for animals) that might just make dealing with it all a little easier.

Keeping on top of regular grooming isn’t just isolated to fur. Your pet’s nails will need be kept neat and tidy aswell. This means less risk of infection for them and that your hardwood floors and kitchen cabinets are treated a little nicer by the eager pet at dinner time.


When your pet, dare we say, “marks their territory” they may want to return to the scene of the crime again and again and again. Finding the right cleaning products specific to pet potty problems helps eliminate stains and odours and can ensure your pet doesn’t return to the same spot. While white vinegar or baking soda can help in a pinch, look for an enzymatic cleaner that is designed to solve the issue quickly and effectively.

Paw Prints:

You can keep a small container of water by the front door to help wash off those muddy paws after an outside adventure, but sometimes mud can be unavoidable. If you do end up with a dirty carpet or furniture, always let the mud dry and then vacuum as much as possible. Then, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with 2 cups of water (cool for upholstery, warm for carpet) and use a clean, white cloth to sponge the stain, repeating until the stain disappears. There are also a whole range of carpet & upholstery cleaners available out there but always test the solution first to ensure it doesn’t leave any stains of its own.

Pet Laundry:

Help eliminate odours by regularly washing bedding and toys. While some of the heavier duty toys will be fine in a normal washing cycle, some of the softer plushies will need a gentle cycle with cold or warm water or may need to be washed inside a mesh bag. Some items, like rope, can also be sterilised in the microwave while others may need to be hand washed. Always check the washing instructions on the label.

Being a pet parent can be overwhelming at times. Rest assured our suggestions above only scratch the surface of the advice you can find online and although it may not feel like it at times, there is no better teacher than your own pet.


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