Global Micro Gold Membership

Global Micro

Gold Membership

By upgrading your pets registration to their very own Gold Membership, you will greatly improve your furry friend’s chance of recovery should they go missing.

Hopefully that never happens but if it does, our Gold Membership allows you to be hands-on with features like our Missing Pet Alert System and a QR Coded Pet Collar Tag.

How it works

It’s safe to say, that one of the most heart wrenching moments in your life, is finding out that your pet has gone missing. Getting an alert out as fast as possible is key to the success of being reunited with your lost pet.

Having access to Gold Membership puts you in control of how quickly this alert gets out. All you need to do, is log in to your existing Global Micro online account, choose your pet and click on mark pet as missing, add last known location and any notes, then hit save. It’s that simple.


Mark Pet as Missing

Add Location & Notes


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Missing Pet Alert System

Once you hit save, our system will notify all of our Vets, Councils, Animal Pounds & Spotters Network Members in your local area, asking them to be on the look out for your pet.


This notification provides your pet’s Name, Breed, Species and Colour along with their last known location and date they went missing. Our contact details are also provided for them to get in touch if they find your pet, while protecting your privacy.

As part of your Welcome Pack you will receive a QR Coded Pet Collar Tag. This tag includes the ability for the finder of your pet to send you an SMS and Email in real time, all whilst protecting your privacy. All you need to do is simply attach it to your pet’s collar for added peace of mind.

The finder of your pet will be able to scan the QR code, visit the website or give us a call to let us know that they have found your pet.






Once the code is accessed, we’ll send you, as the pet’s owner, an SMS and Email with the finders location and contact details.*






*Subject to finder accepting terms to release private details.

Membership Comparison

Features Standard Registration
$10 / Lifetime
Gold Membership
$29.95 /Year

24/7 Online Access to your Pet Profile Page where you can update your details at any time

Submit a Change of Ownership Online (if you are the current owner - requires login access)

Mark a pet as missing in real time through your Login including date and last known location. Any notes added to this is visible to Vets and Councils, making the step to recovery even faster

Be part of our National Spotters Network for FREE to receive lost pet notifications

Receive up to date information and promotions relevant to your pet

Unlimited support via phone and email

Trigger a missing pet alert from your mobile or other device which is sent to Vets, Councils and Spotters Network in your local area and surrounding suburbs

Print “Lost Pet” posters with your pet’s photo to distribute in your local area

Receive a FREE QR Coded Pet Collar Tag (read features of how this works above)

Receive a FREE guide and tips on how to find your lost pet

Receive a FREE Pet Alert Card for your purse or wallet

Receive a FREE Pet Alert Key Tag for your key chain

Receive a FREE Global Micro Fridge Magnet which includes a section for your pet's microchip number and Vet’s details for quick access

Receive a FREE personalised A4 Pet Certificate

**Limited Time Only** Receive a Pet Circle Voucher upon signing up to Gold

No ongoing commitments, cancel anytime.

Global Micro Spotters Network

As an animal lover, you can understand how devastating it must be to lose a pet. By joining our Global Micro Spotter Network for FREE, you can help make a difference.

As a Global Micro Spotter, you’ll receive an Email or SMS when a pet goes missing in your area. This will include the breed, colour and name of the pet, as well our contact details so we can help reunite the lost pet with its owner.

If you receive a missing pet alert, simply keep an eye out for the missing pet as you’re shopping, driving or going for a walk. There are no costs or fees involved in becoming a Global Micro Spotter.

A growing Global Micro Spotter Network is not only a great way to support other pet owners in the local area, but will increase the chance of being reunited with your own pet, should it ever go missing.

Our Spotters

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