For Your Safety
IMPORTANT: Please consider the advice provided on this page as general in nature as it does not take in to account your personal situation. Following any of the enclosed suggestions should only occur after additional personal consideration on whether the information provided is right for you. By following any of these suggestions, you agree that your actions from this point are solely of your own choosing and absolve Global Micro Animal Registry of any involvement or legal responsibility from this point. Below is a list of suggested actions you may wish to take when recovering your pet from another member of the public.
Do’s & Don’ts

Remember, the finder you will be meeting is a total stranger. For this reason, we urge you to take caution and read our do’s and don’ts below:

Do: Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.

Do: Meet the finder of your pet at a public place or with family & friends.

Do: Your safety is key, if the situation is not safe then leave immediately and call the authorities.

Don’t: Meet in a closed off, dark area with no visibility.

Don’t: Walk into a stranger’s home. Always make the exchange outside.

Don’t: If you are underage, always have a Parent or Guardian accompany you.