Change Ownership

As a responsible pet owner, if you sell, give away or surrender your pet to a new owner, it is your legal responsibility to complete a Change of Ownership in to the new owners name. By doing so, you greatly improve the chances of your furry friend being reunited with their new owner should they ever go missing.


Not sure if your pet is registered with us here at Global Micro? Simply click on the “Search your pet’s Microchip here” button below to find out. If you find that your pet is not registered with us, this search feature will provide additional instructions on what you can do next.


If your pet isn’t registered on any Nationally recognised database, you can register your pet instantly with Global Micro by Clicking Here.


Registered Pet Owner

If you are the Pet’s Current Registered Owner with Global Micro Animal Registry and have a login for the Global Micro website, you can process the Change of Ownership Online.

This can be done by following the below steps after clicking the Change Ownership Now button below:

  • Enter your Username or Email Address and Password on the Login page.

  • Select My Pets from the left-hand menu.

  • Select the Change Ownership Button, for the Associated Pet.

  • Carefully read the Terms & Conditions and if accepted, tick the I agree Check Box.

  • Complete the page with the New Owners Details & update the Pet Details if needed.

  • Select the Proceed to Payment Button, to finalise the process.

Alternatively, you can complete the details on our Change of Ownership Form. You must include your Name and Signature as the current Registered Owner (if the pet is in Joint Owner, both signatures are required) and obtain the New Owners Details & Signature. You can then submit the form to us by email, fax or post, as shown on the bottom of the form.

New Pet Owner

If you have recently purchased or adopted a new pet and wish to change ownership in to your name, we always suggest getting back in contact with the breeder or previous owner first and asking them to complete the Change of Ownership Online, or for them to sign as the pet’s current Registered Owner on the Change of Ownership Form for you.

If you already have a signed Change of Ownership form, please follow the below steps:

  • Check and confirm the pet is registered with us at the Global Micro Animal Registry. To do this, select the click on the Search your pet’s Microchip here button at the top of this page.

    • If your pet is not registered with Global Micro, our search feature will provide further details on what to do next, or;

    • If the pet is registered with Global Micro, we recommend checking that the Pet Details section on the change of ownership form have been completed correctly and that your pet’s name is included (feel free their new name if you have renamed your pet).

  • Then, complete the remaining information under the New Owner Details section and include your signature as the pet’s new owner.

    • It is important that you carefully read the declaration paragraph in Red on the Change of Ownership form. This, along with the Global Micro Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions define your rights and responsibilities as an owner of a pet registered with Global Micro. This declaration must be checked for us to be able to process your form.

  • You can then submit the form to us by email, fax or post, as shown on the bottom of the form.

If you are unable to contact or obtain the previous owner’s signature, you will also need to correctly complete and submit a Statutory Declaration which should be sent to us along with the Change of Ownership Form. Please note that this may require additional time for your form to be processed as per the relevant state legislation.