Halloween at Home

Although some pandemic restrictions are easing towards the holiday season, physical distancing is still in full force so, this year, we wanted to provide some great quarantine ideas to help you celebrate Halloween at Home with your fur family.

Trick for Treat: Instead of the annual pilgrimage around your neighbourhood, grab a few of your pet’s favourite treats and have a little in home (or backyard) scavenger hunt. Set up multiple stops and have your pet perform one of their tricks at each station for a treat. This will put them in high spirits and ensure they feel like they are part of the celebration.

Halloween Ghosting: Share the spirit and put together a little bag of goodies to leave on your neighbours doorstep. Not only will your neighbours feel the love, but this is a great opportunity to take your furry friend for a walk while avoiding the crowds and scary costumes.

Costume Competition: Grab some great photos of your pet dressed up in a scary or silly costume this year. If your pet loves playing dress-up there is no better occasion than Halloween. Look for comfortable and loosely fitting designs to ensure your furry friend stays relaxed and of course, what Halloween celebration would be complete without a costume competition.

Decorations: Pumpkin carving is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and is a fun way to get creative. Let your pet inspire your design this year and be sure to keep the final design out of reach. While pumpkin is non-toxic to pets, eating one that has been sitting around for a while can make them sick.

We also suggest replacing traditional candles in your Jack-o-Lanterns with safer flameless candles or LED lights just in case it’s knocked over.

With whatever you choose to do this Halloween, stay safe and always look after each other.